Boulders, rocks, pebbles, sand and water

You most likely have seen or read the illustration given to a class of college students...

The lecturer began with a large glass jar sitting on a table. Next to that are four boxes; large rocks, smaller rocks, pebbles, sand and a pitcher of water.

He took the glass jar and poured the sand in, which filled it about half way. Then he put in the pebbles, then smaller rocks and there was only room for a handful of large rocks.  

Then he started over. This time first placing the large rocks, smaller rocks, pebbles and then sand. He poured water over everything in the jar to the brim.

Before he put something new in, he would ask if it was full and they would say no.  By the time he got to the sand that answer began to be yes, it’s now full.  Finally he poured water over the jar of rocks, pebbles and sand, then he asked what they thought the point was.

Most students thought the point was that there’s always room for more things...

The real point was if you don’t put the large things in first there will be no way to get everything else in.

Large things first, everything else follows and fits.

As you work with the Life Journal, always ask yourself this question, “Is this a big rock or other smaller things?  Is this meeting, email, phone call or decision moving me closer to accomplishing a big rock goal?”


Goals that God has called you to complete and be a part of what He is doing in His Kingdom, not ours. Big Rocks are year end goals and things that must get done; big things first.


The monthly & weekly action steps, audibles at the line and plans that move the needle toward achieve those Bid Rocks.


Weekly step by step, sometimes mundane brick & mortar completion task. This is the glue that holds the rocks in place.


The daily, written out, walk-through, hand to hand combat, details looking back over your shoulder or climbing on a ladder to look forward ...weekly, monthly and annual big rocks, smaller rocks and pebbles to build a wall of completion. Yes that is a grammatically horrible sentence; ignor the grammar, find the wisdom.


That pitcher of water poured over those big rocks, smaller rocks, pebbles and sand is prayer. This may be the one thing that makes the Life Journal so different.  We believe we so often don’t cover plans with prayer.  Pour prayer over every page of this journal.

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